Tariff Consultancy

Electricity Tariff Consultancy

Let’s manage the tariff which bests fits your establishment, together!

Using electricity at the proper tariff is a cost-reducing aspect as much as purchasing electricity. As AFA Energy Consulting, we examine the electricity subscriptions of institutions or organizations and thereby, help them to use electricity at a more affordable price.

You Reduce Costs Without Requiring Investment!

There are several electricity subscriber groups and tariffs associated with these. You can leave choosing the tariff that best fits your business, to the experts. Thus, you can focus on your principal work.

We are Preferred by Corporate Companies Seeking Quality!

Did you know that AFA Energy is the first consulting company to provide a cost advantage to corporate electricity subscribers with its double term tariff service? AFA Energy has always been the right option for corporate companies seeking quality and reliability.

Our company renders services within the scope of KVKK (‘’Law on Protection of Personal Data’’) and holds ISO 50001: 20011 and ISO 90001: 2015 certificates.

The Best Prefer Us!

We have managed and are managing tariff consultancy services of many Global large organizations such as Vodafone, Hilton Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Hürriyet, CNN, FOX TV, Medical Park, Memorial, Trump Tower, Astoria AVM which are some of Turkey’s biggest companies.

Ask Double Term Tariff Us!

What is the Double Term Tariff?

The double term tariff is an electricity distribution tariff where you can reduce your invoice by changing your electricity tariff without investing, and where the cost of power is added to the invoice in addition to the amount of electric power consumed. Its unit prices are more affordable compared to the fixed-rate tariff.

Are There Any Risks for the Double Term Tariff?

The double term tariff has no risk if a correct contract power is preferred. What is important here is to determine the contract power based on correct analysis and to change the contract power periodically based on the consumptions. At this stage, the expertise of AFA Energy Consulting steps in.

Let Us Manage Your Energy While You Are Managing Your Business!

We Determine the Best for You

BWhen you decide to get service from us, we make forward predictions by examining the consumption patterns of your subscriptions. We make the contract power changes that we determine based on our determinations at the right time and bring the advantage you will provide to the highest point.

We Report the Advantage That You Have Gained to You

Following our applications, we report the advantage that you have gained against the fixed-rate tariff in a comparative table. Thus, you can see that how much your subscriptions at every corner of Turkey have saved and then, compare with each other.

Are you busy? Leave the Job to the Expert

We Provide Communication with Electricity Companies, We Take Necessary Action.

We notify your relevant distribution company and supplier of contract power changes that are required to be raised or decreased based on the course of your consumptions and conclude the distribution connection agreements on behalf of you.

We Examine Your Electricity Invoices Against Errors

Although you manage processes properly, errors are frequently encountered during billing. All invoices issued to your business are examined against errors. Thus, you can make sure you will not be obliged to pay an extra cost.

We Guarantee the Savings

If You Win, We Win.

You can trust us with the double term tariff consultancy without taking any risk. Thus, you do not confuse your mind, but just stir the sugar of your tea.

You Guarantee the Advantage When You Work with Us

As AFA Energy Consulting, we reassure you of savings in double term tariff management. We invoice our consulting fee as a profit-sharing based on the savings gained. Therefore, we are trying to provide you with the highest possible savings. If there are no savings, you will not be obliged to make any payments.

Complimentary Supply Consultancy for The Ones Who Buy Tariff Consultancy!

When you conclude a tariff consultancy agreement with AFA Energy Consulting, we render the service of getting price offers and contract negotiation process within the scope of discounted electricity supply consultancy offered as an individual service complimentarily. Thus, you will have been conducted complex tender processes with professional service support.

*The reports prepared during the contract period are not included in the service rendered within the scope of complimentary supply consultancy.

We Always Stand by You!

The electricity sector is an industry having technical details and continuously changing parameters. When you get the tariff consultancy from us, we give answers to you in aspects such as electricity prices, tender processes, legislative developments, etc.