About Us

Who is AFA?

AFA is an end-to-end company that provides complete consultancy services in the electricity market to the leading global brands of Turkey and the world.

Our interdisciplinary capabilities enable us to add value, quality and focus to their organisations and produce.

Our special mark is to help our customers achieve sustainable savings from their operations in the Turkish electricity markets.

We add value to all our customers throughout our partnership.

Are you looking for ways to reduce the energy costs of your business?

We can help you!

As AFA Energy Consulting, we lend professional assistance in the processes of choosing the right tariffs and prices and manage your relationships concerning the services offered by certified electricity companies. While controlling the accuracy of your energy bills, we follow up opportunities of reducing the costs in the sector and inform you about those.

The expertise and innovations we bring to the sector lie at the heart of everything we do. We render service to you with our experience and energy to meet your needs and fulfill your demands.

Since we started carrying on business in 2013, we have managed more than 30.000 electric meters in 81 provinces.

Are you seeking an answer to your questions and needs concerning the energy service you purchase?

AFA Energy Consulting operates as a company that aims to raise the quality of offering electricity service by laying a bridge between the certified companies offering electricity service and businesses using this service.

AFA Energy Consulting was established to render service in reducing costs of establishments in the electricity market. We reveal saving opportunities for you by conducting consumption and bill analyses for your electricity subscriptions.

Our experts do all necessary studies to make energy markets easily understandable for all customers while helping you in being protected from errors that may arise during the electricity supply service you receive and in creating a cost advantage from opportunities in the electricity sector.

Your energy and satisfaction are particularly important to us!

As AFA Energy Consulting, we give a lot of importance to our ethical values. Our main policy is building mutual trust with our current and potential customers. We do not compromise on our ethical values even when we are not with our counselees during our works.

Our company primarily gives a lot of importance to the principle of confidentiality and does not share its confidential information with anyone. We propose right and reliable companies when our customers receive the services they need, and thereby, ensure that they choose within sustainable and reliable prices.

Our company does not benefit from legislative gaps and weaknesses of certified energy companies. We take action and review all risks in certain matters and thus, we maintain our works based on the right information and document.

Our Certificates