International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) Supply Consultancy

Renewable Energy Certificate

International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) Supply Consultancy

We lend assistance to you in attaining your sustainability goals and meeting your renewable energy needs directly from electricity producers.

Do you know that you have the option of purchasing renewable and clean energy directly over their producers through renewable energy certificates?

You Can Clean Your Energy!

Many businesses are now trying to think of new ways to strengthen their operations using green energy generated from natural resources such as sun, wind, and water. If you are looking for clean energy alternatives for your business, we have renewable Energy Consulting services fitted to your needs.

We Make Your Environmental Sensitivity Official

International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)

As AFA Energy Consulting, we support you in meeting your green power need directly from the producer reliably and transparently. Thus, you can choose the generation source (sun, wind, hydro, etc.), region, and producer of the power from which you can purchase to consume, in safety.

We Ensure the Proper and Reliable Matching!

AFA Energy Consulting matches the companies consuming energy directly with the renewable energy producers and thereby, all electricity consumer companies can purchase renewable energy at competitive prices fully transparently while creating a concrete environmental impact.

International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)

What is a International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)?

These are certificates that serve for determining the source of electricity used independently of the electricity supply. The consumer can purchase the ‘’Renewable Energy Certificate’’ and thereby, prove that it uses ‘’Renewable Energy’’.

What Do Renewable Energy Certificates Bring to Consumer?

Using the renewable energy certificates, the consumer will demonstrate that it has supplied the electricity from renewable energy resources. The consumer can support the United Nations’s sustainable development goals titled ‘’Accessible Clean Energy’’ and ‘’Climate Change’’ by using these certificates in the sustainability and carbon footprint reporting of its company.

Internationally Valid Certificate

Which Renewable Energy Certificate Standard Should Be Used?

I-REC certificates are the certificates adopted by GHG Protocol and CDP. They are used to demonstrate that energy is supplied from renewable energy resources in the International Greenhouse Gas Release Methodologies.

What is I-REC and What Does It Do?

I-REC is an association that was founded in 2015 to set the standards for Renewable Energy Certificates and audit the authenticity of the certificates. The association actively operates in South America, Africa, Asian countries, and Turkey.

We Find the Clean Energy for You

What Does a Renewable Energy Certificate Provide for You?

When the consumer holds an I-REC certificate, it will be able to manage the Corporate standards and the perception of Environmentally Friendly Company and gain Prestige with the aforesaid gains within the sector in which it competes.

We Can Help You!

As AFA Energy Consulting, we can provide you with the I-REC Certificate valid all over the world and thereby, enable you to demonstrate that the Electric Energy you will consume is “Renewable Energy”.

Attention Here!

Renewable Energy Contracts Are Not Delivered Physically.

The electricity generated from renewable energy sources is not delivered physically to the facilities of the company that has made this choice. Instead of this, energy association certificates are awarded demonstrating the amount of clean energy purchased. Even though it is used elsewhere, it increased the volume of renewable energy generated and, in the end, contributes to greening the grid.

It Doesn’t Matter Who Your Supplier Is.

The fact that you have concluded a discount electricity contract with a private electricity company does not prevent you from obtaining a renewable energy certificate. The ‘’Green Energy’’ you have purchased is not delivered to the point where it is physically consumed. The certificate you will obtain is used to support green energy generated across the country.