Invoice Control Service

We Have a Way with Electricity Invoices

Following up on ever-changing electricity tariffs and checking compliance with the contract by calculating the discounts made may tire the non-expert eyes.

Electricity invoices are issued according to the electricity market regulations and the contract you have signed. Specifically, the businesses having many subscriptions may have difficulties in following up their electricity invoices and checking their compliance with the legislation and contracts. As AFA Energy Consulting, we check the mathematical calculation of your invoices and their compliance with the legislation.

Trust Does Not Hinder Control!

You may highly count on your energy supplier, but it is important to remember that errors may arise by mistake. We can lend assistance to you with our invoice inspection service.

Why Is Your Invoice High?

Is There an Increase in Your Price or Has Your Consumption Increased?

You must be asking the right questions to be able to examine the invoice. Most of the companies know that their electricity invoices are rising, but they need support to determine why this is happening.

Our Invoice Control Service Protects Businesses Against Hidden Costs

Comparing your actual electricity consumption with the previous month and another subscription in the same ballpark is one of the best ways to get correct results. If you know your invoice has been issued for how many days, and which tariff period may it coincides with, you can understand whether your consumption has increased, or you are paying at high rates. AFA Energy Consulting is an expert in electricity tariffs and legislation, and it conducts the controls on your behalf and directs you with the right advice.

We are Followers of the Discounts You Get!

We make sure that the discount granted based on the energy supply contract you signed is applied to your invoice.

Supplying your energy at a discounted rate from a certified private energy supply company based on a bilateral agreement is a great way to raise your company’s profitability. However, usually, there is not a discount rate that you have agreed on electricity invoices. As AFA Energy Consulting, we make sure that the discount committed to you in your contract is applied to your invoice.

We Make You Earn While Spending

Making sure that the product you have bought is priced correctly as much as buying the electricity cheaply is the best course of action to manage your electricity fees. While you save on discounted electricity invoices, we follow up variable electricity prices.

Is There a RESSM Unit Cost (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism Calculated Per Unit Cost of Energy Supplied)  on Your Invoice?

In some electricity supply agreements, there is an additional RESSM Fee other than the active energy and distribution fee. These invoices to which RESSM Unit Cost is reflected can be quite complex.

RESSM unit cost based on which RESSM Fee is calculated is announced by EXIST (Energy Exchange Istanbul) on the 15th day of each month.

The estimated RESSM Unit Cost is reflected on your invoice issued at the beginning of the month, and after the actual RESSM Unit Cost becomes clear, settlement is applied. These processes become much more understandable for companies to the accompaniment of AFA Energy experts.

As AFA Energy, we check the RESSM Fee reflected on your invoice by your discount electricity supplier and make sure that it is accrued correctly.

Proforma Invoices Issued Based on Prepaid Supply Contracts

Prepaid invoices issued over MCP (Market Clear Price) prices are accrued to businesses based on the estimated MCP (Market Clear Price) and RESSM Fee and also estimated consumption.
In the invoices to be issued based on such supply contracts, the proforma invoices calculated based on estimated unit prices and consumptions shall be matched with the final invoices calculated based on unit prices and consumption. It can be quite difficult to make this matching without knowing the market forces and details and at this point, the support needs of establishments arise.

As AFA Energy Consulting, we examine MCP (Market Clear Price) and RESSM Unit Cost, estimated and actual consumption every month regularly, and make sure that your invoices are accurate.

Electricity Invoice May be Full of Surprises!

We Determine and Prevent Reactive Costs and Work for Their Refunds

In the event some obligations are not fulfilled, reactive costs may be reflected on your electricity invoice. If necessary actions are not taken against these costs, they can increase the amount of your invoice even though they can be prevented. Some corporate enterprises usually do not even realize that they are paying reactive costs.

Have You Ever Heard Meter Count Subject To Retroactive Adjustment?

In some cases, Meter Count Subject To Retroactive Adjustment is reflected in the invoices of enterprises that receive electricity service at a discounted rate. Meter Count Subject To Retroactive Adjustment, which is the abbreviation of Meter Count Subject To Retroactive Adjustment Item, is an item that is reflected in the invoice due to missing or over-billing of the consumption of the relevant month in the past 6 months. AFA Energy Consultancy services provide a big advantage as it is not possible for those who are not experts on the subject, to check the accuracy of the price included in the Meter Count Subject To Retroactive Adjustment price.

Organized Industrial Zone Electricity Invoices

Electricity invoices issued by many OIZs can be as complex as to be inspected even for experts. As AFA Energy Consulting, we are specialized in accessing information to control the electricity invoice components and the unit prices of these components and turning these into meaningful data.

Can’t You Settle OIZ Electricity Invoices?

As AFA Energy Consulting, we examine the invoices of your enterprises within the OIZ every month regularly and make sure that they are issued correctly.

Are You Sure About Accuracy of Your Subscriptions in the Shopping Mall?

Many chain stores have branches in the shopping centers. We know that businesses need support in controlling the accuracy of the electricity subscription invoices in the shopping mall.

Examining the invoice means checking the mathematics of the information written on it and its compliance with the legislation. Mostly, institutions cannot accurately control the electricity invoices issued by the shopping mall administration because of their complexity.

We Have a Way with Invoices

AFA Energy Consulting ensures that your subscriptions in the shopping mall reach a controllable level by making necessary applications to standardize the invoices. Thus, enterprises make sure that processes are working correctly.