Director’s Message

Dear Our Esteemed Business Associates and Stakeholders,

Our company which started carrying on business as Turkey’s first company in the field of electricity consulting, continues offering its services in a ‘’professional manner’’ since 2013. The story of the foundation of our company, AFA Energy Consulting, was shaped by the fact that I started to see the need in the sector. In my career journey, I passed to the electricity sector after working in the field of tourism for 15 years and gaining substantial experience in the service sector. While continuing my career in this field, I realized that many issues are taken in hand only devoted to the sale of electricity. My knowledge in my career also provided me with important information needed to sell a product or service. This important information based on the principles of ‘’Having a Good Command of Subject’’ and ‘’Reliance on the Work Done’’ constituted the most important key of the sales and marketing activities… Therefore, I primarily examined the legal basis of the costs reflected on the electricity bills. As I examined the subject and enhanced my knowledge in this field, I realized that businesses were not aware of their rights and potential opportunities. Based on the research I did and the knowledge I gained, I conducted more detailed examinations in the energy sector and saw that there was no consulting firm that represents the consumer at a professional level. It was attention-grabbing that although there were companies rendering sales services in the field of electrical services, no companies were demonstrating the benefit in service deliveries. As businesses, the consumers did not know both the rights they had and the advantages they could use. This lack of information affected the costs of both businesses and end-users of electricity.

In the light of all these data, I founded AFA Energy Consulting which is the first consulting firm devoted to businesses using (consuming) electricity in Turkey in 2013, by taking advantage of my experience in the service sector. Our company renders services without requesting any expense or down payment. When the service process is completed and benefits arise, it charges by using using the ‘’profit-sharing’’ model. The greatest factor for businesses to prefer to work with AFA Energy Consulting is that the services rendered reduce the costs without requiring investment. As a consulting firm which now manages 30,000 electricity meters in 81 provinces of Turkey, we meet the energy market needs of every business from all sectors and develop special solutions for them. Cooperation and following up sectoral innovations lie at the heart of everything we do.

As well as that prices can be extremely competitive, the energy market is governed by a complex set of rules and procedures that are constantly changing and must be followed. Decisions taken to supply energy and manage the associated risks may confront the businesses with unanticipated costs, unlike other goods and services that they purchase. Herein, a professional energy consultant is needed. As AFA Energy Consulting, we take the fulfillment of these needs as our duty. We are glad to serve you with all our energy and expertise to meet your needs and your demands. As we offer you added value, we find more power in ourselves for better jobs. This is because, as AFA Energy Consulting, we always stand behind our motto ‘’Your Energy is Our Job!’’.

Wishing you productive and bright days.

Bülent Çebin