Mass Subscription Services

Electricity and Natural Gas Subscription Services

We Can Reach Every Point of Turkey!

We have services that meet the needs of electricity subscriptions of national and internal brands of all sizes which have spread four corners of the country.

Besides initiating our subscription procedures in 957 districts of 81 provinces from north to south and east to west of Turkey, we also terminate the ones which have been terminated. With the service we offer to you, we conduct your service in a faster and reliable way.

As AFA, we are ready to offer this service that we have previously offered to corporate and multi-subscription companies such as Vodafone, Hilton Hotels, A101 Markets, and Albaraka Turk Participation Bank successfully, for you.

We Conduct Subscription Services Swiftly

There may be subscriptions for distribution from a private supplier for any reason such as subscriptions to be started. In such cases, the energy legislation necessitates signing retail sales contracts within certain periods.

You Gain Time Economically

The time in terms of enterprise is the sum of periods spent for a specific product or service. We complete the management process of your subscriptions by signing a contract across the country within the shortest time.

We Prepare Your Documents for You

We deliver all papers required when signing the retail sales contract or terminating the subscription to the certified electricity company on your behalf and thus, do all works and complete the processes necessary for this.

Knowing that the electricity subscription service process is particularly important, we make sure that the entire process is completed in safety. We file the contracts signed and deliver them to the company we render service to.

Calculation of Security Deposit and Stamp Tax

The security deposit is the amount requested by the certified companies against the risk of not paying the bill during the subscription by calculating over the coefficient determined by EMRA. On the other hand, the stamp duty is the tax accrued over the security deposit collected within the legal limits.

The establishments that will subscribe should learn the security deposit and stamp duty amounts before initiating the procedures and then, make preparations. As AFA, we learn these amounts before initiating the procedures and notify you of these. You can prepare the required costs without getting stuck in the time frame.

We Sign Contracts and Then, Deliver You

After paying the security deposit and stamp tax and submitting the documents required, we sign retail sales contracts, even if you have thousands of subscriptions. We complete the process by delivering a copy of the contracts signed and our job report.

YWith the awareness of the sensitivity and value of the work we do, we use every means of our company in maximum to manage the process safely and in the fastest possible way. We feel certain that we will carry the success we have attained with the services we render to national and international companies a step further with you.