Electricity Supply Consultancy

Electricity Supply Consultancy

Purchasing Electricity is Easier with Expert Support

Supplying your energy at a discounted rate with a certified private energy company is a way of increasing your company’s profitability. However, consumers usually try to manage the processes of getting offers without the help of expert consultants and underestimate the effort necessary to receive an offer from certified electricity companies.

Your Energy is Our Job!

With the support and recommendations of our expert staff, it is all the easier and safer to buy uninterrupted electricity at competitive and sustainable prices with a minimum cost!

Do Electricity Offer Types Confuse You?

We get the electricity price offers which are not suitable for consumption patterns of your establishment, do not provide you the opportunity of preference and get more complicated with the sector terminology, for you and thereby, we support you in making the right choice by simplifying those with understandable comparisons.

We Find the Right Prices from Most Reliable Companies for Your Business

As AFA Energy Consulting, we create a more competitive environment when getting price offers in electricity supply processes and thereby, help you to manage supply processes, create a price advantage and turn the tables on your business in terms of tender terms and conditions.

Are You Still Working With Your Mother’s Electricity Company?

We Can Help You?

AFA Energy Consulting keeps in touch with all certified companies which are active in the electricity market and has a knowledge of the commercial stands of these companies in the market, price offers they submit to businesses and their supply contracts concerning these offers and operating powers. Thanks to our broad market dominance, we search for the type of offer that our customers prefer most competitively.

Which Option is Best for You?

How do you decide which of MCP (Market Clear Price) + RESSM Unit Cost (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism Calculated Per Unit Cost of Energy Supplied), fixed-term or regulated tariff indexed offers fits for you? Instead of offers that are presented to you without an option, we can get price offers based on the offer types which fit your need.

You Should Guarantee Your Offer Price with the Right Contract

Legal experts can comment on private law provisions. However, the electricity market includes technical terms, formulas, and a deep market structure. The comments concerning the calculation of active energy unit price, conditions under which price may change, which costs can be charged to the consumer, and specifically RESSM should be made by an electricity market expert.

A Hard Negotiation is Required for a Comfortable Supply Process!

Considering the effect of energy cost on total costs of establishments, the consumers should pay attention to the principle of reliability as much as price. Since we negotiate the electricity contracts as from our establishment, we protect you against risk and hidden costs in the most correct way with our highest level of experience.

We Are Strong Together!

AFA Energy Consulting manages 30.000 electricity subscriptions in 81 provinces of Turkey.

Our company which contains a large number of national and international customers in its portfolio combines tender processes of companies that are independent of each other and have the same consumption habits and thereby, it creates a competitive advantage in discounted electricity purchase processes.

After-Sales Support

The businesses expect to access the right information related to electricity they supply at the right time and as they demand.

Every electricity subscriber needs to ensure communication with your electricity supplier in the after-sales period. Specifically in the pre-paid offer types, requesting and controlling hourly consumptions in the settlements is the issue for which communication should be established in the after-sales period.